brave new mama

The first year of motherhood, unstitched & singing.

“The brave new mama poems are like tiny doulas, each one bringing food and foot rubs for the soul, all the while softly illuminating the blurred stacks of feelings that new motherhood leaves daily on the doorstop. (…) Between the lines, a lullaby sings, ‘You are okay. You are strong. I see you. You are doing holy work.'” From the Foreword by Laura Interlandi, Co-Founder of Birdsong Brooklyn


Join us as we listen to the profound and poetic wisdom of ‘brave new mama’ – a reading & book launch by Author, Vicki Rivard. Much more than poetry – Vicki pulls at our heart strings, offers us insight and connection, whether you are a mama or not. mamas, doulas, sisters, caregivers, friends…this event is for you.

Vicki Rivard

is a collector of experiences. She has dedicated chapters of her life to studying, acting, travelling, teaching, and, most recently and blessedly, mothering. Writing is the thread that holds her together.  As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, Vicki believes in the connection between all beings, in the body’s innate ability to heal, and in the transformative powers of nature, words, and love. She was once reminded, by a deer in the forest, to “keep believing in the magic,” so she does.  Her book, ‘brave new mama’ — a poetic celebration of the first year of motherhood — is garnering praise from women all over the world and was recently named “one of the best new mom gifts of 2018” by a Baby Care Mag reviewer.