Addictions & Mental Health (Youth & Adults), Friday July 22, 2016, 10-3pm

Gerry Gange, brings decades of experience and an integrative approach to working with youth and adults. He will share his insights and expertise related to establishing and maintaining therapeutic alliance with young people, addressing identity issues, self-esteem, core values, relationships and introduction of wellness tools. We will also explore risk assessment and approaches to addictions for both youth and adult populations. The afternoon will focus on cases studies and supervision. The workshop will also cover Crisis Issues, Suicide, Dangerousness, Tarasoff, Child abuse, Spousal abuse, Elder abuse, Legal and Ethical issues, Consent forms, Completence, Drugs and Alcohol, Screening instruments, Approaches and examples, High risk situations.

Gerry has been assisting clients and their families in a professional role since 1996 working in both front-line and management roles with client populations represented in University, youth shelter, forensic and hospital environments. In addition to institutional environments, Gerry has maintained an independent psychotherapy practice in Toronto since 2006. While a therapist at the Scarborough Hospital – Outpatient Mental Health, Gerry provided counselling and lead group programs on substance abuse and recovery, Self-esteem, concurrent disorders, group psychotherapy and anger management.