Acupuncture & Eastern Herbal Medicine


This 4 Year program combines the Acupuncture Diploma with training in Eastern Herbal Medicine. This training is required for the designation of Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with the CTCMPAO.

Students may complete this diploma as an intensive 3 year program.

Our vision was to develop an Eastern Medical Programs that would facilitate academic success, retention and the personal development of our students. ITM has created an educational format that applies an integrative, interdisciplinary and collaborative learning approach.

ITM has developed a program that prepares students to address the 'Whole Person' in the clinical setting. Students engage in numerous opportunities that nurture confidence, skill and maturity as a health care provider. Our learning environments encourage inner reflection, discernment and personal responsibility, while building a community that values equity, justice and anti-oppression. Our program's unique blend of theoretical and experiential learning fosters relationship, honours a student's life experience and engages each person in a range of learning opportunities.

With high graduation and board exam success rates, graduates being sought after as instructors, programs being used as templates for other schools, prospective students should feel confident in choosing ITM to begin and complete their studies in Eastern Medicine.


Materia Medica (Herbs & their Functions)
Eastern Herbal Formulas (Combinations & Relationships)
Women's Health (from Gynecology to Obstetrics)
Pediatrics & Children's Health (Supporting Health from Infancy to Youth)
Integrative Nutrition (Cooking with Herbs)
Internal Medicine (Diseases of the Organs)
External Medicine (The Body's Surface)
Pharmacology & Toxicology (Safety, Precautions, Contra-indications & Ethical Sustainability)
Biomedical Research (The Future of Eastern Herbal Medicine - Findings & Discoveries)
Clinical Internship & Dispensary (The Practice of Herbal Medicine - An Integrative Approach)


ITM has brought together an outstanding faculty consisting of both local and international presenters who bring decades of experience to the program and are pioneers in the field of Eastern Medicine.

Jake Fratkin (Author & International Lecturer), Debra Betts (Author & International Lecturer), Paul Pitchford (Author & International Lecturer), Kaleb Montgomery (Fertility Speclialist), Angela Warburton (Women's Health, Nutritional & Oncology Specialist), Rong Zhu (Internal Medicine Specialist), Jen Bowers (Women's Health, Fertility & Trauma Specialist) Julian Jones (Internal Medicine Specialist), Ariella Meinhard (Pregnancy, Women's Health, 5 Element Specialist), Susan Sun (Women's Health & Fertility Specialist) Carla Gervasio (Focus Conditions & Children's Health Specialist), Marcia Dixon (Herbalist & Research Specialist), Poney Chiang (Dermatology Specialist)


ITM has created a full and part-time study schedule that allows even the busiest of students to maintain a balance of work-life-family.

Classes are scheduled in the evenings (6-9:30pm) and weekends (10-6pm).

Students may also choose from a variety of clinics and workshops which are scheduled throughout the term.

Students in their final year of studies in Eastern Herbal Medicine meet one day during the week and on occasional Saturday/Sundays.

Clinical Internships may be completed in the evenings or weekends.