One Love Sound Event – Friday April 21, 7pm $20 suggested. ITM 3rd Fl.

Come and experience a sound event collaboration on the 111th day of the year. Three musical brothers will be co-creating a special sound healing experience at ITM. Gabriel, Jesse and Philip will be bringing an array of specially tuned instruments to create a magical sacred space.

Gabriel Logan Braun
From his angelic tones to soulful beat boxing, Gabriel’s heartfelt and earthy sound comes through his music to create experiences for people to celebrate the human spirit. As a multi-instrumentalist, Gabriel uses loop pedals, voice, flutes, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, percussion, harmonium and guitar to create a unique melding of sounds for people to relax, de-stress, harmonize and embrace the depth of our sacred inner-world. Gabriel joins us from California.

Jesse Hanson
Sacred music is defined simply as music created with the intention of healing and peace (as opposed to music made for dancing or entertainment). Jesse creates sacred music through the use of specifically tuned instruments that are crafted to positively influence the human nervous system and soul. Sacred Music is to be listened to with ceremonial sacredness. It is a time to leave the chaos of the ego and the external world. It is a time to go within, reflect, connect, and explore one’s inner world as the whole body creates a harmonious relationship with the array of sounds being created by crystal bowls, didgeridoos, flutes, drums, vocals, and an assortment of other indigenous sounds. It is a time to honor inner wisdom and sacred listening.

Philip Jacobs
After successfully using sound therapy for decades, Philip Jacobs combines his love of music with his training in Integrative Health, Eastern Medicine and Mindfulness & Contemplative Psychotherapy to create a sound experience. Using his voice, Philip integrates Medical Qi Gong tones with specially tuned instruments to create a sacred space to just be.

Through his practice, training and experience Philip has created a Sound Therapy certificate program with the Institute of Traditional Medicine to help students and practitioners incorporate and integrate the use of sound as a practical modality into their self healing and private practice.

Not to be missed...See you there!