5 Pillars Entrepreneur Mentorship

The Sustainable, Ethical Path to a Successful, Holistic Business. Sat & Sun May 26 & 27, 10-5pm

A holistic approach to practice management -
This introductory workshop offers women entrepreneurs a holistic structure from which to build financially successful practices and businesses, while maintaining your ethical centre. Using the 5 Pillars (Self-Management, Community Management, Environment Management, Client/Patient Management, Staff/Team Management), we can easily create a manageable framework in which to live, practice and build.

The foundation of the Five Pillars approach is Education, Time Management, and Self-Value.

This workshop is ideal for any female entrepreneur who seeks to align her business with her values, is ready to get her services out there, and make an impact in the world through her business.

Facilitator: Elyse Tera has owned and operated successful businesses since she first got the entrepreneurial bug after graduating from University. Her first was an English language retail bookstore that she opened in Montreal when she was 22 - and sold 5 years later for a profit. Her second business, manufacturing bulk incense and scented products for retail markets across Canada, was also a huge success. She became interested in TCM in the mid-90’s.

Elyse then focused her energy on TCM and became a registered Shiatsu therapist, then an acupuncturist, and was able to combine her two loves - helping people get healthy, with creating healthy businesses - and built a quarter-million dollar acupuncture practice! In fact, according to a survey done by the NCCAOM in 2014, Elyse’s clinic, Southwest Integrative Wellness, was in the top 10% grossing acupuncture clinics in the United States.

Elyse has since moved back to Canada, and she is excited to share her holistic practice management approach with other acupuncturists and RTCMPs, to help them reach their financial and practice goals in an ethical and sustainable way.