Soundscapes Solstice Celebration Concert

With Laur Fugere and Justin Gray


Soundscapes with Voice, Bass & Singing Bowls

Sound vibration creates. Infusing a specific intention with resonance constitutes a formidable and transcending power. This is what this entirely improvised concert proposes to accomplish. In this way of invoking, the voice and the music call in the brilliance to reveal one to oneself. Following this introspective concert, you will have the opportunity to mingle, meet with and ask Laur and Justin a few questions about their art.

Vocalist - LAUR FUGÈRE
Laur’s voice finds its source in the field of Sacred Arts and ritual protocols. For 25 years she has sung and coached with Cirque du Soleil which owes her their characteristic vocal style. The vibration of her voice manifests our authority to create. The intention she brings into vocal resonance is transcending. Her voice transports the listener to time immemorial - a penetrating experience recalling atavistic powers and soundness. Laur is a sound therapist, biofield tuning and polarity therapy practitioner. She hosts a monthly Voice Meditation and Workshops for anyone wanting to explore the power of their voice.

Justin Gray is a bassist, composer, producer, and educator who’s main influences include jazz, classical and Indian classical music. In 2010, Justin invented and co-created the Bass Veena, a beautifully crafted instrument designed for Indian Classical music performance and is now emerging as the first artist to perform on this instrument worldwide.